About Us
B&B CREAZIONI MODA is an artisan firm which started off in 1981 after Lorenzo Bianchi, who is still at its helm to date, had the idea of starting a family business. It is found in markets worldwide, it is a supplier to the Italian and International Cinema world and works in close contact with great brands of the Clothing Industry.

This valley constitutes a charming landscape which captured Leonardo Da Vinci’s eyes and heart, who, according to recent studies, has used it to adorn the environmental context of the Mona Lisa, the world’s most famous painting.

The artisan quality of the workmanship, the textile research, that involves both the classic types and those with the latest trendy prints, the particular comfort of the collections and an optimal good value for money, has allowed B&B Creazioni Moda to continue producing in Italy and also to be constantly and increasingly present in the National and International Market.

It’s a firm that has always boasted QUALITY and MADE IN TUSCANY as its flagship and programme of work. All B&B branded items are designed, produced, tested and packed in the firm.

Every detail, from the design to the prototype, every stitch that leads to the creation of the sample, is thoroughly tested by qualified staff who ensure that it meets the standards required by the firm and the clients’ expectations.


The men’s B&B collection holds the combination between elegance and comfort, as its priority. The creations are extremely practical and allow maximum comfort after a hard day’s work or in special family time moments. The firm produces dressing-gown, jackets, pyjamas, night dresses and tracksuits.


A Classic Style for a Modern Woman. Simple pyjamas or dressing-gown, become night gowns. It’s a soft and refined elegant women’s collection, which is able to render special even a relaxing evening at home. Available in all sizes.


In the DOLCEVITA Collection ( a young collection of the brand B&B), we propose distinctive clothing, paying particular attention to detail and to a modern and glamorous style. Ideal anywhere anytime; at night, at home, during the day and for leisure.


The BOBO SETTE! Collection….Not to be missed! Stimulated by the Men’s and Women’s Collection B&B, but particularly dedicated to the little ones. A lively and elegant world that doesn’t let go of comfort, which distinguishes our brand’s items.